Plan for an Epic Road Journey With a Checklist

If you dream of driving your family to an unforgettable destination, the DCH Acura of Temecula team advises that you fix every bit of car trouble before you hit the road. Do not allow auto problems to become the spoiler on your tour. Follow our auto service tips:

  • Have tire alignment and the right tire pressure to prevent fuel wastage, extra friction, and hot tires.
  • When going on long distances, check the engine oil, transmission, and differential fluids to ensure adequate lubricant supply to the car accessories.
  • Ascertain that the radiator hoses, engine belts, passenger safety belts, lights, the engine coolant as well as the engine coolant work correctly.
  • Have coolant water and also check the brake system and fluids.
  • Further, have a battery and battery terminal inspection to avoid power outage or slow startups because of a dry battery or corrosion.
  • Also, consider a car maintenance and car test to detect any strange noises, shakes, or soft brake pedals.

The safety of your family on the Temecula national highways depends on you. Make your way to our Acura service center soon!

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