When is the Right Time to Inspect and Replace Tires?

Replacing your car tires at the sign of tread wear is ideal, but when exactly should you start getting concerned? Make your appointment at our Acura service center to allow our mechanics to get a professional eye on any potential trouble and alert you to what needs to be done. The longer you go between tire rotations, the better chance you have of the tires wearing unevenly and leading to serious issues on the road.

With less tread on those tires in certain spots, the car is going to start taking much longer to come to a quick stop. This is a huge problem if you are trying to avoid an accident on the roads. Less tread on the car tires also makes it harder for the vehicle to be able to grip the road surface in rainy or icy conditions.

Visit DCH Acura of Temecula soon and get a complete tire inspection so that your vehicle is safe for travel on the roads again.

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