Is it Time for Service for Your Timing Belt?

The timing belt that is part of your car is essential to the car's performance. It is something that keeps the engine running and it is something that you need to have working correctly if you are going to get to your destination. You need to keep your timing belt in good shape.

The timing belt helps the engine run by synchronizing the camshaft and crankshaft turning. When the belt fails, your engine quits. You do not want this to happen, especially not when you are on the road. You should have your timing belt looked at and serviced every now and then to keep your engine working as you need it to work.

The Acura service team here at DCH Acura of Temecula can handle all of your timing belt issues. We know how to inspect a timing belt and we know how to replace that important component. Make an appointment at our auto service shop to keep your timing belt working correctly.

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