The Horsepower Question Many Forget to Ask

When looking for a new car in Temecula, CA, many drivers already know to look at horsepower. But do they know why? Ask most people and they will say it has something to do with horses, and the more horsepower a car has the better. Here at DCH Acura of Temecula, we always like to keep our customers informed, so here is little backstory on a unit of measurement that has been around for some time.

Horsepower was created by an inventor, James Watt, for the purpose of enticing buyers into purchasing steam engines. He reasoned that the work output of a single horse was equivalent to 33,000 pounds a minute. This translated to the power an engine could produce in hauling, carrying, and moving freight.

Today it means the same thing. Cars with higher horsepower can move faster and do more. Come down to our Acura showroom in Temecula, CA today and let us introduce you to horsepower first-hand.

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