Brake the Cycle of Unnecessary Auto Wear

You're probably aware that the safety of you and your passengers while driving is reliant entirely on a tiny object called a brake pad. As such, it can be reassuring to know how these essential components function. The answer is friction. The pads are created from a mixture of graphite, steel, copper, and iron to effectively bring your automobile to rest as needed.

The combination of the metals allows for the pads to be pressed against the wheels via a hydraulic lever to rub against one another until the wheel can no longer rotate. The lever is attached to the brake arm inside your car or truck to match the pressure that you press down with your foot.

As you can imagine, though brake pads are specially made to withstand tens of thousands of stops, they eventually wear down. Having a professional, such as those found at DCH Acura of Temecula, inspect your vehicle is always a safe option.



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