Roadside Emergency Tips to Help With Your Next Flat Tire or Broken Belt

Roadside emergency? Follow these helpful tips to stay safe and get through it quickly! Sometimes, roadside emergencies just happen. In order to keep the streets safe, we all need to handle these unfortunate incidents as wisely as possible. Today, are going to go over a few pointers to help us go smoothly and safely in the event of a breakdown or tire blowout.

  • Being safe about it is crucial. If you have a blowout, continue driving on your rims until you can get somewhere safe to pull over.
  • Be sure you’re as far away from traffic as is safely possible, and that you’ve put down flares and other signals for visibility.
  • If you’ve had an accident, do not move your vehicle until the police authorize it.
  • If someone should offer you help, remain in your vehicle, and only cracked the window to ask them to call for help.
  • Do not get out of your vehicle, and do not allow anyone who is not a trained professional to attempt any repairs.

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