The Dangers of Understeering and Oversteering

We here at DCH Acura of Temecula want to answer your questions about vehicle performance and terminology. Oversteering and understeering are terms that often cause confusion among drivers. Both refer to unplanned vehicle motions on the road as you turn.

Oversteering is an issue that plagues vehicles with rear wheel drivetrains. It typically occurs when the front wheels have more grip than the wheels in the back. This causes the car to spin as you round a corner. Instead of driving where you want to go, the vehicle will overshoot your desired path.

Understeering is the complete opposite. It's a problem that affects automobiles with front-wheel drive. If the rear wheels have more contact with the road than the front ones, it may feel like you have very little steering control. While the two control issues are most common with their respective drivetrains, both can affect any type of vehicle in the right conditions.



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