Oversteer and understeer are automotive industry terms used to describe how well your car drives. The terms identify how well your car responds to steering. Here is a closer look.

Oversteer vs. Understeer: Which One Will You Experience?

When you have to turn your steering wheel more to maneuver your car, it is known as oversteer. When you turn your steering wheel less to maneuver your car, it is called understeer. These two actions occur based on your car's steering angle and lateral acceleration.

When your car understeers, it typically means your car is lacking grip. The reverse is true with oversteer. If your car has too much grip, it will oversteer. The bottom line is your car responds less when you turn your steering wheel and responds more when you turn your steering wheel. If you believe your car is experiencing understeer or oversteer, schedule an appointment today at DCH Acura of Temecula with one of our automotive specialists.



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