When you look at a car and admire all the fancy things about it, there is another aspect to the car that is not clearly visible. It is the car's history. Has it been in a flood? Has the odometer been tampered with? Are there any liens on it? How many owners has it had?

Such are the questions and many more that the vehicle history report [VHR] answers. By putting in the car's VIN on VHR websites, you can access the report. It is an invaluable tool for a car buyer to possess. Absent this report, a lot of trusting buyers have been duped and ended up with lemons. When you buy with DCH Acura of Temecula, you won't have this problem.

All our cars are given an exhaustive inspection. And, should a recall go into effect for a defective part, ASE-certified technicians can repair the problem with superior mechanical workmanship.


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