It is important to always be aware of what is around you when you are driving. In fact, that is drilled into the head of every new driver. One of the things you learn early on is to identify your blind spots and know how to compensate for them. That is why DCH Acura of Temecula wants you to know how to make use of new technology.

Modern technology has benefitted drivers in many ways. One of those has to do with a blind-spot monitor. When a vehicle equipped with this feature, drivers will benefit from sensors that are constantly looking for cars you might not be able to see yourself.

When you are driving, you should always be looking before you move into another spot on the road. The monitor will alert you if there is something there than you cannot see. You will see an indicator in your side mirror. Stop by DCH Acura of Temecula and take a car on a test drive to experience it.


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