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Here is Why You Should Use a Clay Bar When Detailing Your Acura Vehicle

You probably wash, wax, and polish your vehicle on a routine basis to keep the exterior in good shape. However, this won't eliminate all the debris from the exterior finish. Using a clay bar a couple of times a year is beneficial for several reasons.

There are contaminants, such as insect residue, fallout, and brake dust, that can stick to the finish and can't be removed with regular washing. This is why some people notice a grimy film that has accumulated on the exterior. A clay bar effectively binds to these particles and removes them from the finish…

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Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Every time the season changes, we change certain aspects of our lives. Among the things we may change is the tires we put on our car. We may make sure to include summer tires for our car, but are summer tires actually better than all-season tires?

One of the major advantages that summer tires have is that they perform well in rain and heat. They have excellent road grip which can help you keep control of your vehicle. These tires perform well in the summer when it is dry or rainy because of the shallower grooves. 

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Car Covers: Protecting Your Car From the Elements

Car covers are important because you can use them to protect your car in bad weather, dust from parking on the street, and to protect it from the sun.

When you get a car cover, they can come in many different materials. At a minimum, the one you choose should help protect your car from the sun and dirt. An added benefit is that most covers will help keep your car cool in the summer months. You will also have less snow and ice build-up in the winter. 

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Don't Let a Distraction Derail Your Adventure

At DCH Acura of Temecula, we want as many people to stay safe on the road as possible. That's why we've assembled this list of our favorite safety tips. When driving, nothing is more important than remaining distraction-free. If you find yourself preoccupied or frequently dazed while driving, these may be just the thing for you.

If you are drowsy or suffering from an ailment of any kind, get off the road! Often times, these kinds of warnings are taken too literally, which leads to people often thinking their current ailment "isn't serious enough" to warrant them…

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Brake the Cycle of Unnecessary Auto Wear

You're probably aware that the safety of you and your passengers while driving is reliant entirely on a tiny object called a brake pad. As such, it can be reassuring to know how these essential components function. The answer is friction. The pads are created from a mixture of graphite, steel, copper, and iron to effectively bring your automobile to rest as needed.

The combination of the metals allows for the pads to be pressed against the wheels via a hydraulic lever to rub against one another until the wheel can no longer rotate. 

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Make Your Car Look Great By Choosing the Right Mats

Are you ready to choose the right floor mats for your car? Whether you're interested in rubber or carpet mats, it's important to select a style that reflects your lifestyle and that makes your car look great. Here's what you need to know.

Rubber mats are ideal for drivers who spend a lot of time outdoors. If your feet tend to get muddy or dirty, choose rubber mats you can easily clean off after driving your car. If, however, the interior of your car rarely gets dirty or messy, you might love having the option of carpet…

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Do Your Tires Need to be Replaced?

Your tires are what help you get from point A to point B in the Temecula, CA region. When they have experienced too much wear and tear or damage, it’s time to get them replaced.

There are a few ways to identify that your tires need to be replaced. First, look at the tread. If there aren’t deep grooves in the tires, you have lost a significant amount of tread. This can also make it difficult for you to stop quickly. 

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Why Does My Vehicle Need Brake Fluid?

Without brake fluid, your vehicle would not be able to stop when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. Brake fluid moves the various components inside of the vehicle's braking system. The fluid moves the components under high pressure and high temperatures. The non-compressible substance is stored within the brake lines.

When you press on the brake pedal, energy is sent to the brake rotors on each side of your vehicle. 

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How Basic Tire Precautions Can Prevent A Tire Blowout

The most common reason for a tire blowout is when a tire is under-inflated. To help prevent this from happening, you should regularly check your tire pressure. This can be done manually using a tire gauge. It is also important to have the proper inflation pressure for your vehicle. You should find the recommended inflation pressure in your manual, and it can also be found written in your glove box compartment and on the doorsill.

Most vehicles are now equipped with a TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System. 

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Front-wheel Drive and Rear-wheel Drive: How do They Differ?

There are many car owners who don't know the difference between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. However, knowing the difference is beneficial because it helps you gain a better understanding of your vehicle. Read further if you want to know the difference between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

A front-wheel drive transmission system will have different acceleration, handling, and braking performance than a rear-wheel drive transmission system. 

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